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The Nigeria of our Dreams

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

As Nigeria goes to vote tomorrow, I know tension is high, and emotions are flying. As I reflected in the past week, I see a trend that almost guarantees we will get to that point where we will again feel disappointed, even if the best guy wins. Why do I say this? Nigeria has gone through many layers of rottenness and deeply rooted cancerous behaviours that have led us here.

The average man’s mentality of “ko kan mi”, meaning it is not my business. And the flip side, as long as it benefits me and mine, it doesn’t matter who it hurts. Yet we all dream of a Nigeria where the son of the common man can become somebody.

Whoever wins has the most ambiguous problem, which will take many decades of reorientation and progressive succession of government to fix.

Whilst expecting magic, ask yourself what part have I played in the mess of a nation we have collectively created. Like Adeyinka said, what values are you passing to your children?

How transparent are you in your place of work? In church leadership, how well does pure doctrine goes through your teaching, or it business as usual? In any office you hold, how many policies are double standard (the one for the elitists and the one designed for the common man? The idea that the end justifies the means, the narrative and culture our movie industry is selling in recent times.

Are you really ready for the Nigeria of your dreams? It will take a lot of sacrifices and a paradigm shift. It will require behavioural changes that will stretch us, to realign our value systems. I come in peace as I plan to answer these questions myself. Vote wisely, Nigerians; drop your emotions and hold your peace. May the best guy win as you prepare yourselves for the journey ahead.

Food for thought.

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