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There is no Messiah; You’re it!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

I had promised myself I wouldn’t get involved in this political cycle. However, with everything happening and the various cults of personalities being forced on us, I just thought to pen down my musings.

I still can’t wrap my head around this messiah narrative!!! We don’t need a messiah, and it has never worked. We need a top-to-bottom reorientation of our society and minds, a society where we are all each other’s keepers, a society bereft of greed and individualism, a society that puts morality and good character above the worship of money, a society where we all genuinely believe in and want it to work for us all.

Unfortunately, it will never happen if we continue to raise altars to worship money and sacrifice good values and names. Look at how we cheat and take advantage of ourselves in any minor crisis; petrol station attendants and POS operators are prime examples in recent times. We as a society need to do better, and I believe we will.

It starts with us, teach your children to tow the straight and narrow, eschew the grab-all-you-can mentality, and embrace the community spirit that powered us in times past and was the basis of our good morals and values. Three things were drummed into me growing up “Contentment, remembering whose child you are and a good name being better than silver and gold”.

One day we shall do a 180° turn as a nation, and the glory of our blessed country and people shall finally shine brighter than the sun and never set again!!!

Keep hope alive!!!

Written by Adeyinka Ayoola

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