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Meet the face behind the posts

I am Mofoluke Ayoola, and I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I have a first degree in Accounting from the University of Ado-Ekiti. I started my career in consulting, where I supported SMEs with process and enterprise management improvement initiatives. I veered out and started my first venture Debra's Creations, a fit-out design consultancy from home. The vision to build and scale materialised three years into the journey, and it metamorphosed into The RedViolet Company, Nigeria's first e-commerce home furnishing company. 

In 2018, I moved to the UK to study for a Master's in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership at the Bayes Business School (formerly Cass). A few things caught my interest during my master's, first is design thinking, a human-centred approach to solving complex problems. And the other was the underrated benefit of storytelling. At about the same time, my early obsession with famous Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie started when I stumbled upon her speech on the danger of a single story.

Wesley Chapel, the church I attended in London then, had a program on the importance of personal storytelling for evangelism and documentation. The takeaway is the importance of storytelling in teaching, business, and the history that shuts itself from us when these lessons die with the people that carry them. 


Storytelling is essential to learning about the diversity of cultures and their values. It maps the similarities we fail to acknowledge and helps us connect, build empathy, and break the stereotypes that negate the benefits of diversity of thought.

I aim to use this space to tell remarkable stories of success and failures and the journey to both. I want to inspire shared learning that supports us in our personal experiences, whether as an entrepreneur or someone who loves the essence of true humanity. I will also share my thoughts on how we can all benefit from adopting a designer's mindset to address life's most complex problems. 

Mofoluke Ayoola; the face behind these stories

I am the first of four beautiful ladies in my family. I love food, with a preference for spicy; Hello! I am Nigerian! I said NEVER to Sushi, and now one of my favourite spots in London is Sticks n Sushi for the ambience and great taste (this is not an AD., but you might want to check it out and thank me later). I try to stay fit (brisk walking, workouts, and recently started to learn golf). I write when my creative edge is activated, as I love to share my reflections. I am an aspiring landscape photographer.

I participated in various mentoring programs, such as the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in Business Program, where I mentored for one year. After my master's program, I was endorsed by the UK government as an Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology under the UK Government Global Talent Visa (GTV) scheme to contribute to the UK's advancement and use of technology. I am here trying to figure this phase out in the most creative way I can.

Other things about me

Mofoluke Ayoola; inspirational storyteller, idea factory, mentor and coach
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