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A Letter to Women

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Many women have inspired me. On this occasion, I write to them all.

Dear Woman,

How best can we celebrate a group of people who are unique in diverse ways, than to highlight our differences and congruities?

Yes, there are variances in our socio-economic backgrounds, religious affiliations, social pedigree, academic achievements, or lack thereof, and personality types; however, we are more alike than different. What binds us is much more than what separates us. We are carers, nurturers, and builders, and in whatever capacity we play these roles, we are valuable just as we are.

On a day like this, I stan many women who have paved the way for me and built an environment where I see myself not in the shadow and existence of anyone or the standards that our societies and culture embody but rather as a woman who desires, works and commits daily to improving herself.

A woman who sees and knows the value she brings to her family, community and the institutions she belongs to.

A woman who dares to challenge the status quo and rises above limiting beliefs, nay-sayers and oppressors who constantly say she'll never be enough.

A woman who is undeterred by her weaknesses or lack of resources and yet stays the course towards the dreams she holds dear.

A woman who advocates for the rights of the marginalised and is tagged as aggressive yet remains resolute in her convictions.

A woman who thrives by supporting others, making room for them, and inspiring their growth.

A woman who bares the weight and sacrifices in community development and sees far beyond her immediate gratification.

A woman, despite being intimidated by a male-dominated political landscape, forges ahead to serve in governments highly polarised by nuances associated with such offices.

A woman who, despite being uneducated, has ensured all her children don't share the same fate and works hard to put them through school.

A woman whose skills have paved the way for her to speak to social issues that ravage the world and chooses to use her voice for change, knowing she will be judged for it.

A woman, who is unsure of herself, is uncomfortable in her skin for the sake of standards prescribed by the media, yet, she shows up just the way she is.

A woman who chooses to fight her battles silently in her mind and wins daily behind closed doors.

A woman who feels unseen, unheard, and unworthy.

You are a Woman.

You are Dynamic.

You are Unique.

You are More.

For equity and against all odds!

Happy International Women's day.

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