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Reflections from 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

We all desire a sense of belonging. However, in a western world of individualism, it may challenge you to find out that the places you assumed love thrived were a cast of nothingness, a charade.

In your search for a sense of belonging, consider looking beyond your comforts; the fact that people see you doesn't mean they know you, and I mean the ones seemingly close to you.

You must know where you belong in various settings, especially places where you assume it is okay to be vulnerable; this will save you tons of heartbreak.

Identify and deal with trauma. Make an effort to address your sense of brokenness. Heal at your own pace. It will help you develop a positive character.

Some people in your life know your weakness and consistently exploit it. Identify them and build a guard.

A sense of obligation, an act out of guilt, will never replace a compassionate gesture.

Your tone matters. Before you start that conversation, ensure your tone will be doing less harm.

Connect with people's pain even when it is not your experience; it is called empathy.

Seemingly good things will show up at the wrong time and under dire circumstances, automatically nullifying them from being good.

Please don't beat yourself too hard whenever it takes longer or the journey is more challenging; stay focused, know your why and continue to invest in what you have control over (yourself).

While knowledge is thrown at us daily, wisdom reflects, takes the lessons, and acts on them.

Pay attention to your journey, your wealth of experiences, and the lessons from them.

A little care goes a long way, even when you are selling a service.

Your consistency will pay off.

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